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Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by my website! My name is Gabby and i'm the founder and owner of No Crumb Left Behind, a home bakery located in the Northwest Suburbs of Illinois. I've always been fond of baking, especially the joy that these sugary treats bring to people. I've been baking since I can remember, even standing on a chair in the kitchen when I was a child, helping my grandmother or my father bake cookies and cupcakes.


Picture it, California, 1998...I was 18 years old. I left for the military, alone and on my own. I proudly served in the United States Navy for 4 years, stationed in Pensacola and Virginia Beach, mainly working on F-14 Tomcats (you know, the ones in Top Gun). Yeah, it seems cool when I tell people, but it was NOT really as glorious as in the movies. We worked day and night, weekends and holidays, snow, rain and melting sun. But i'm not complaining, because it made me stronger, tougher and independent.


After my years in service, I went back to school, earned my Associates in Business, Bachelor's in Economics and Master's in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. I've been working for nonprofits since 2006, specifically in developing and managing various certification programs within several industries. I love my work, and while it's a full time job, I couldn't imagine my life without baking. So it's a challenge balancing work, baking and life overall. I have lived in about 5 states across the US and currently call Chicago my home. I love to travel and taste food from around the world. I have a wonderful 17 year old yorkie-schnauzer named Joey Nixon. He is AMAZINGLY sweet and sassy. Just like his momma, he is a lover of food.


A few years ago, I finally decided to make my home bakery official, and opened up No Crumb Left Behind, a namely tribute to my military background.  Due to COVID, I  transitioned  to virtual work, allowing me more flexibility and time to experiment with flavors and new recipes.  So here I am now, with a full time job I love, a home bakery, a wonderful boyfriend we call "Q" and my best friend Joey Nixon, all while trying to live in this crazy world. 

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