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Starting at $24/dozen. One flavor per dozen. Wrapped individually in box of 12. Optional Cake Pop Carrier can be purchased for $5 upon request. 

Cake Pops

SKU: Simple Cake Pops
  • Please note a few things: 

    1. Due food materials used, I will try my best to match a particular color, patter or shape, however, it may not match exactly. 

    2. Please note your requested pick up date and time. I will try my best to accomodate however, due to other work and/or travel schedules, I will reach out to you if the date isn't possible. If I'm not able to accomodate a mutual date shortly after order, I will gladly refund as necessary.

    3. If i'm booked and/or unavailable for an order, I will be happy to provide you with other local bakers in my network, upon request. 

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